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Connecting Brands with Bloggers.


Connecting Brands with Bloggers

About Us.

Welcome to Chic Blogger Management, the place where brands connect with leading bloggers in lifestyle and fashion to create meaningful content marketing campaigns that drive social word of mouth to help grow our clients' businesses. 

We make connecting with the best bloggers in town simple. We manage the entire end-to-end campaign management process for you - from the briefing, to managing the campaigns and reporting back with customer engagement reports and analytics.

All too easy!

Why Blogger Outreach.

The marketing world is changing fast, and those who don’t change with it may be left behind. One of the best ways to reach your audience - in an authentic way - is via bloggers and their engaged communities. Because their readers already trust them - the blogger can fast track opinions and buying behaviour.

Blogger partnerships can help drive and leverage your brand into the social media world by engaging real consumers with your brand story.
This encourages would be customers to talk about your brand in an authentic way, driving social word of mouth.

Book your blogger.

Build your brand with the World’s leading fashion & style bloggers.

Chic Blogger Management connects brands with influential blogs to grow brand recognition and trust from the sharp end of the market.

Our bloggers lead the way in both engagement and reach statistics, acting like a bulls-eye to your specific target audience.  Please take a minute to look through our family of bloggers we work with, where you can learn what they write, photograph and video about and how they can help boost your brand into the blogosphere today.



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